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Intro [13 Jul 2010|10:07am]

[ mood | calm ]

Name: Ryi
Whereabout: Borneo Island
Website: Err.. I dont have one.
Bass level: No idea. I will need to ask my friend about it since he the expert. lolx.
Fav Bands: Maximum the Hormone, Nightwish, The Pillows, [Actually there lots of bands i love to listen to. Mostly Japanese bands.]
Fav Bassists: Honestly, no idea. I started playing bass because i like the sound the bass produce and not because i idolize any bassists. But there might be some that i like, e.g: Tissue Hime (No idea what his/her real name. Found his/her video taken from nicovideo) and my friend who taught me how to play bass.

Type: Ibanez, 4 string, Hot pink, [That's all i know about my bass. I choose it because it among the cheapest bass in the store that produce a good solid sound. There are bass that are cheaper but had lousy sound so might as well fork out a few hundred more to buy a better bass.]
Name: I haven't decide yet even though it had been months since i bought it. I had been busy with my final semester so yeah neglected the bass for a while.
Fun fact: My parents have no idea i own that bass. They are old-fashion and believe that learning musical instrument is a waste of time & money. ^^; Though i intend to learn it until i can play on equal level as my friend. I really admire him as a bassist. He has versatility in playing bass. He a sought after bassist from where i came from. ^^;    

rock out

About Me ^^ [12 Jul 2010|08:51pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Name: Shugo
Age: 15 (16 in august)
Location: Ontario Canada~
Website: None~~~ Sorry~
Bass Level: Beginner xD, Somewhat Intermediate, BUT, im dedicated
Fav Bands: D'espairsray, MUCC, Versailles
Fav Bassists: ZERO, from D'espairsray =P

About my bass.. 
Type: Ibanez 5 String, I Love it!!!!!
Name: ZERO, who wouldn't name it after the person who inspired them to play ?!?! =P

Fun fact: I'll be playing FOREVER!!!!!!! =P, btw someone should make a bass tab for D'espairsrays 'In Vain' and send it to me ><...

rock out

For all you Jrock bassists. [30 Jan 2010|08:36pm]

I've started a community that will hopefully be buzzing with bassists who love Jrock. My hope is that we can create a close community for all levels of bass players to discuss their favorite bassists, post their covers, share tabs, etc. It's brand new, and if you'd like to be a moderator or help me with anything, just let me know.

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Old Update, New Bass [29 Jan 2010|08:40pm]


Fender 2002 Precision Bass Special

Gibson's at the luthier.
rock out

Introduction of mi >.> [29 Jan 2010|07:40pm]

[ mood | nya? ]

About me~

I'm the lead singer and bassist of my band called Vain½ I spend more time writing songs and recording melodies then actually playing. Sadly i'm seperated from my four other band mates atm. I have a aritic fender squier strat named kyo(spiderjuice). well... >_> 

Name: Ren Maki
Age: 17
Location: New York
Website: www.myspace.com/keilotusren or http://profile.ameba.jp/renislostinlotuskei
Bass Level: Upper Beginner
Fav bands: Dir En Grey, Gazetto , Deadman, Exist Trace, Danger Gang, L'arc en ciel, plastic tree, deathgaze, HIM, SuG and others
Fav bassists: Toshiya, Reita, Saga, Ville Vato, Takamasa , Hasegawa Tadashi and Tetsuya Ogawa (Sorry I don't have many favs)

About my bass~

Model: Wildfire (Drive)
Name: Ryu
Fun fact: It took me a year to finally play with him, was able to thanks to my new found love of visual kei. I admired the way Reita played which lead me into wanting to play everyday. Also I wanted to customize it by adding some of my favorite things.


Ryu's Good SidesCollapse )


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don't mind me, just postin' some new basses [11 Jun 2009|10:21pm]

Squier Vintage Modified Precision

Gibson Victory Artist Bass (1985?)

That is all.

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So... Hi x3 [22 Nov 2008|02:46pm]

[ mood | Happy~ ]

About me :3

Name: Nicole/Rin
Age: 15
Location: Punta Arenas, Chile - South America.
Website: am, i dont know
Bass Level: Intermediate.
Fav band: Danger Gang, Exist Trace, GazettE, Ayabie, Codomo A, LM,C, DiO Distraught overlord, and a loooot more =3
Fav bassist: Thera, from Danger Gang and Reita from Gazette [yeah, tipical, but, hey, he's cool!]

My Bass: Santana -idontrememberwhat-
Name: huh? what? My bass needs a na
Fun Fact: I learned playing a bass from the 70's :3, and it was amazingly easy, nowadays the basss are heavyer Dx

and... that's it!

rock out

New member =D [23 Oct 2008|01:14pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

About me....

Name: Kupo
Age: 17
Location: UK
Website: umm have none, im lazy =]
Bass Level: intermediate
Fav Bands: Nirvana, A7X, Gazette, Mucc, Nightmare, Bump of Chicken
Fav Bassists: The famous Reita from The Gazette XD

About my bass..
I have two (not bragging)

Type(s): A cherry red Nevada and a 5 string see through acrylic Wesley
 Name: umm (naming on the spot) the red one is called Alexander the bloody and the other is called... no idea

Fun fact: I decided to keep my red bass when i got my new one because i cant play slap bass on a five string >.>

My red bass >my friend got into the shot XD

< My clear bass, no 'live' pic yet but i will soon =D 

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[30 Sep 2008|08:39pm]

About me....
Name: Vess
Age: 19
Location: California
Website: should I link to my livejournal or something?
Bass Level: Intermediate. I've had previous music experience, so I'm doing fine with the scales and sight-reading and techniques. But I've really only been playing for about 2ish months.
Fav Bands: SID, Infected Mushroom, Maroon 5, Incubus, Radiohead, Justice, Marilyn Manson
Fav Bassists: Aki of SID, Michael Madden, Twiggy Ramirez, Tim Skold

About my bass..
Old Hartke bass. It's something of an heirloom given to me by an old friend, but the neck is bent and the pick-ups are loose. I'm saving money for a sturdy Fender or a Squier modded P-Bass.

Type: Hartke SB-15 4-string
 Name: nameless

Fun fact: My friend used extra thick strings to strengthen his fingers while practicing on the bass. The bass itself also has a couple of dead notes, so playing with it is never really fun. I really enjoy tapping over plucking, and I'm slowly learning to improvise polyphonic harmony. Also I fail when I play standing up (I blame the strap). All in all I'm not really an avid fan of tabs; I enjoy reading sheet music or playing by ear.
rock out

[30 Sep 2008|08:02pm]

[ mood | curious ]

About me....
Name: Tia Park
Age: 14
Location: USA
Website: none! I'm too lazy to put it. xD
Bass Level: Beginner D: I really just started, but I'm going to learn a lot! >3
Fav Bands: An Cafe, Nightmare, Megamasso, Alice nine, Versailles, and some other things that I can't remember right now. x3
Fav Bassists: Gou of Megamasso! <3 Haha, and Kanon of An Cafe. Jasmine You of Versailles too~

About my bass..
I don't actually have one....But I'll use my school's bass because I'm playing it! :D 

Type: it's a Fender (not a Squier by Fender)
 Name: It doesn't have a name, but I'll call it Mini me. xD

Fun fact: The strap's too loose....and the colors are kinda chipping off, and the area where you can plug in your bass is broken so I can't ever hear myself. xD And it's cooler than my friend's jazz bass. (:


rock out

Nice to meet You! <3 [28 Aug 2008|07:27pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

About me...

Name: Alexis
Age: 20
Location: Italy
Website: Alexis C's Deviantart Gallery
Bass Level: Beginner (but I'm going to study hard from the mid of Sept. )
Fav band: Luna Sea, Rammstein, Pixies, Jun Onose (solo works), Guns 'n Roses, Mucc, Dir en Grey and a bunch of others..
Fav bassist: Absolutely J from Luna Sea; Toshiya from DeG and Duff McKagan

About my bass...

Model: ESP "Amaze J-Five" Custom Shop. '97. Made in Japan. ( It has 5 chords, 21 frets, Adler body, Maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard )

Name: ジェイ-San (J-San)

Fun fact: I bought ジェイ-San in a shop where all the clerks think that Fender is better than ESP. So, ジェイ-San was hanging in a quite dark corner of that humongous shop. I've always wanted an ESP bass, so, when I saw ジェイ-San it was love at first sight. Btw, the clerks that sold it to me didn't actually know that it was a "Custom Shop" one. I've only discovered it when I was home.

Other picsCollapse )

rock out

Got My New Bass =) [05 Aug 2008|02:55pm]

Finally Got My New Bass..Its A Squier By Fender With A Skull And Crossbones On It..YAY! =) 
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Hello! [03 Aug 2008|07:47pm]

About me...
Name: Roxy
Age: 18
Location: milwaukee
Website: meh
Bass Level: Beginner(only bc im self taught lol)
Fav band: antic cafe and ayabie (if i have to choose)
Fav bassist: Intetsu(ayabie), Saga(alice nine), Kanon (an cafe), Jiro (GLAY)

About my bass...
Model: ibanez i think its a GSR m20
Name: i never gave it one, i dont know why tho
Fun fact: umm....
rock out

ciaosu XP [01 Aug 2008|09:57am]

Name: scarlet / jaken
Age: old lol 19
Location: melbourne, victoria, austrialia
Website: vashsdaughter.deviantart.com
Bass Level: Beginner to intermedite
Fav band:  err many? ,Dir En Grey,L'Arc En Ciel,Alice Nine,,S.O.A.D,Nirvana,,Gazette,X-Japan,ayabie, the cure lots of music  i go after good base songs
Fav bassist: reita.. kannon.. toshiya

My Bass:  SX posion series (http://www.sxguitarspain.com/sx_poison_series.htm) 
had ai for 6 or 7 years
Name: ai kirai ookami yeah i borrow his hname for accounts

i've offically burnt/eltrocuted myself with him over ten times lol
rock out

Hi x3 [14 Jul 2008|05:45pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

About me,

Age: 135
Location: Under.your.bed.
Website: /
Bass level:
A beginner at the beginniest ><;
Fave band: AnCafe, Gazette, Maximum the Hormone, X Japan etc :3
Fave bassist: Reita (Gazette) Kanon (AnCafe)

About my bass;
I have absoluutly no idea! xD But it's blue! =D
Name: Er... xD

bass001.jpg picture by KatherineKrueger

rock out

Yello! [08 Jul 2008|06:36pm]

About me...
Name: Alistor Soul
Age: 14
Location: Nowhere and everywhere
Website: none
Bass Level: Beginner (taking classes at Paul Green’s school of Rock Music)
Fav band: Dir en Grey, Metallic, Rammstein, Within Temptation, Linkin Park, X-Japan
Fav bassist: Toshiya (Dir en Grey) and Oliver Riedel (Rammstein)

About my bass...
Model: SX BG1K 3TS
Name: Betelgeuse
Fun fact: I bought him on Ebay… and I can’t read tabs.
rock out

Grrr..Forgot... [07 Jul 2008|08:25pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Forgot to post this in my original post, so i guess i may as well give you guyz the update. I'm currently in a band called "Kamikaze". We aren't an all j-rock band. we play "kokoro no nai machi" by Mucc, "dakirai" by Mucc, "cage" by Dir En Grey, "isho" by Mucc, "runaway" by Linkin Park, "papercut" by Linkin Park, "hypnotize" by System Of A Down and other j-rock songs as well as the songs we write ourselves =) 

rock out

banging on pots and pans [06 Jul 2008|10:53am]

[ mood | calm ]

So I have finally joined a band, we aren't a jrock band. We don't know what kind of band we are yet. But we definetly wotn eb a jrock band. My friend Ryann asked me to join sense they wanted it to be an all girl band so of course I said yes, plus I've been wanting to be in a band for a while. I'm on bass, friend Ryann on guitar, friend Gabby on guitar, and their friend Kelly on drums. We dotn have a singer, but right nwo we aren't worried about that. Our drummer kinds sucks and she wont compromise and try and learn an easy song that is by bands that she isn't really into. This annoys me because I don't like half the bands that we all as a badn have mentioned to try and all learn a song by, but I am compromising. Oh well. I started learning Cage by Diru, but got bored and than started learning Lost Heaven by L`Arc~en~Ciel, but my bass teacher got bored of it and now I am learning Killing me. And I am learning dance dacne by Fall otu Boy [kill me, I really hate them] for my friend Amanda and Dirty Little Secret by The All American Rejects for the band.

Oh yeah we are called Banging on Pots and Pans. I absolutly love the name.

rock out

Heyas [05 Jul 2008|10:09pm]

[ mood | bored ]

 About me...
Name: Matt
Age: 17
Location: Sevierville,Tennessee,USA
Website: www.myspace.com/drugtrip
Bass Level: Beginner
Fav band: Mucc,Dir En Grey,L'Arc En Ciel,Alice Nine,Trapnest,Blast,Psyclon Nine,S.O.A.D,Nirvana,Marilyn Manson,Kittie,Gazette,UVERworld,Flyleaf,Maximum The Hormone,X-Japan,GLAY..And Lots More =)
Fav bassist: Gawd To Many To Remember Lmao..I Can't Remember Thier Names, But Pretti Much The Bassists From The Bands I Just Listed
My Bass: A Crappy First Act I Got When I Was 15..I'm Buying A New Ibanez In A Few Weeks Though
Name: Kaname
Fun Fact: My Bro Once Used My Bass To Try To Knock Out A Kid That Was Drunk At My House Lol

rock out

Hajimemashite~ [28 Apr 2008|04:24pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

Name: Li
Age: 13
Location: L.A.
Bass Level: kind of beginner... ^^;;
Fav band: Dir en grey
Fav bassist: Toshiya (Diru), Reita (Gazette), Shuu (Girugamesh), Chiyu (SuG), Saga (alice nine.), Intetsu (Ayabieru)

My bass
Model: well... mine is in the making, I haven't finished making my bass yet. But it's green and has a thunderbird body. haven't decided on the neck yet, since I want to switch to fretless ><
Name: Keroroppi (My bass's name is a cross between "Keroro" from SGT Frog and "Keroppi", that Sanrio frog, bcause I love lime green and frogs ha ha. )
Fun fact: My most respected bassist is Toshiya from Dir en grey obviously, also they were my very first Jrock band to ever listen to and see live. Funny thing is, I picked up the bass because of not only Toshiya, but also because I thought it would be so much easier to play than guitar because of the fact a standard bass only had 4 strings, less than a guitar's. Oh, how wrong I was XD Surprisingly, this is supposedly the same reason Toshiya picked up the bass and I only found out recently XD

I started playing bass around October of 2007, and my dad has been a bassist since he was a few years older than me. It helps because he can always help me! XD But I have tiny hands so it was really hard for me starting out because I had to STRETCH MY TINY FINGERS just to reach from the first to the third fret TTATT

Also I am looking for Jrock stuff to play on bass, whether it be tabs or notes, I don't mind either one! Though I want to start reading more, I've tried to not look at tabs too much (though that's hard, I still do it anyways lol) also I don't have any version of guitar pro, so that's a problem D:

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